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Give A Gifts Of Painting Scholarships For 'Unicorns' @ Hideout Art

In Memory Of: Dick, Ruth & Becky Lampton

Lisa Lampton Allen @ Hideout Art is now offering individual and group Unicorn Art Classes for underserved individuals (Unicorns) with special needs, including those on the spectrum, ages 10+ within the OKC community.

Lisa Lampton-Allen has been teaching trowel painting at Hideout Art for almost 4 years. She realized that trowel painting enabled students on the spectrum to experience something unique, building their confidence and creating new pathways of expression.

Unicorn Art Classes are part of a pilot program to provide a completely new sensory art experience for Unicorn students.

Every class is individually customized to each students needs.

Unicorn Art Story:

Once upon a time, there was a Unicorn named Art who didn’t have a safe place to express himself. He often felt different from others, as they didn’t seem to understand him. Art had special gifts that he wanted to share.

Art needed guidance. At first, there didn’t seem to be an option for him where he lived in Oklahoma City. If he was going to express himself, Art needed a safe place. Art’s mom looked for art classes but couldn’t find one that catered for beautiful Unicorns.

Art’s Mom called a friend, who told her about Lisa Lampton Allen, owner of Hideout Art, an art studio, explaining the situation and hooked her up with Lisa.

In 2018, Lisa began offering a much needed safe and FUN space where people can learn to create experiential trowel art — an easy and fun process! Lisa was ready to help! Art now had a safe place to express himself through painting.

Since starting Hideout Art Lisa has worked individually with over 50 uniquely-abled students, called Unicorn’s. It’s now time to make Unicorn Art official.

In late summer 2022, Hideout Art will be launching these special “Unicorn Art” classes for children and their families who need assistance creating art. Unicorn Art is bringing together both teachers and volunteers who care deeply about teaching these classes.

Unicorn Art is thrilled to offer these experiential trowel painting techniques. Unicorn Art will also have guest artists along the way and offer special events. We cater to children from 10+ who are uniquely able or see things differently. We recognize the need to offer a unique safe educational space for Unicorns!

Check out the website, fill out the pre-registration form and sign up your “Unicorn” for art classes starting now!






Amount Raised: $165

Donation Perks (Gifts)

Blah Blah Blah Painting On Metal Giclee By Lisa Lampton Allen

Support Gifted Individuals and receive this 16" x 20" Metal Giclee

Limited Edition of 20

Retail Price $300.00


Donation Level: $300.00
"Drips" by Lisa Lampton Allen Original Acrylic On Canvas

This original art piece is your gift of $300.00 from Hideout Art for sponsoring 4 Unicorn Art Classes.


Title: Begin Again by Lisa Lampton Allen

Original Acrylic On Canvas: Dimensions: 24" x 24" 

Retail Value $550.00

Choosing this donation incentive will provide 10 classes to Special Needs Kids

Donation Level: $300
HIdeout Art Mug 11oz

With Every Sip of Feel The Gratitude of Unicorn Artists!

Suggested Minimum Gift: $55.00

Your Gift from supporting one Unicorn Art Class




Donation Level: $55.00


Sponsor One Unicorn Art Class

Support One Unicorn Art Special Needs Class For A Gift of $75.00

Donation Level: $75.00

Volunteer Center

Help Unicorn Artists Create!

Do you like painting? Do you like working with special need individuals?

Explore and share therapeutic trowel painting, a fun and easy art process.


Volunteer Role Description

Learn valuable communication combined with art skills simultaneously assisting special need individuals through different painting processes.


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Amount Raised: $165

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