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Causability Where Causes Go To Grow

In Memory Of: Tom Hoch

We LOVE Artists & Causes! We POWER Causes! Providing Your Cause The Ability To GROW Within Local Communities!   


Founded in 2021, is dedicated to upholding the definition of the word philanthropy which is ‘Love of Humankind’. is an IRS-approved nonprofit providing artists and content creators the ability to partner, develop and promote their own causes with nonprofits.


Causability’s mission is to provide artists and nonprofits the ability to collaborate on causes within their local community where everyone benefits!


Many times artists want to ‘give back’ to their communities or a nonprofit and don’t have the resources (supplies, staff or network) to be sustainable and effective to create or donate to a cause.


Also, many nonprofits want to work with artists but are not in the position to remunerate an artist’s time on a project.


If you are a Conscious Artist/Creator then is the right place for you and the nonprofit you want to support.  We are offering a direct opportunity to all artists through our ‘Artist Grants’  encouraging and inspiring your ideas, ingenuity and entrepreneurship to provide the ability for new cause collaboration with your favorite nonprofit.


Our future plans are to make Causability a educational cause based community fundraising donor platform, where we also use any site fees not covered by donors to fund our Collaborative Creator Grants.


Your support for goes directly to our artists creative collaborative grant program for ‘ Artists/Creators’ championing worthy causes. We kicked-off 2023 by offering three $5,000 grants in 2023 to creators providing them the ability collaborate and build causes within their communities they would like to support.


The first Artist Grant $5000 application deadline is June 30th 2023. This is a new program, therefore currently we are limiting Artist Grants to two geographic locations:  Oklahoma County, OK and Dallas, County, TX and one Nationally. Accordingly, as we receive more support we will include more grants and locations.


Causability also owns and manages Art For Your Cause, our e-commerce platform benefitting both artists and our Causability Creator Grants. “Where every purchase pays an artist and benefits a cause”.


By supporting you are directly supporting our mission to provide individual creators, influencers, organizations and sponsors the ability to build, fund and promote their cause based programs.


You now have the ability to build art communities when you become a Cause Creator, Sponsor or Volunteer for Causability Artist Grants.


Causability: Where Artists Causes And Communities Go To Grow!


Amount Raised: $10759

Donation Perks (Gifts)

Causability Crew Mug

Drink up! Welcome!

Become a member of the Causability Crew!

You'll receive a Causability Crew 15oz coffee mug as a gift of appreciation for your support.

Donors like you are why we built and .fund!

Thanks for providing 'creators' a voice and a platform to share... 


Donation Level: $25.00
Causability Crew Organic T Shirt

Receive this gift of our Causability Crew Organic T Shirt from your support of $50.00.

Donation Level: $50.00
Original Art: One's and Zeros Download

Receive this Original Art by Liz London with your gift of $250.00 or more

Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Medium: Mixed Media Collage Sealed with Gloss Resin

Donation Level: $250.00
Art Is A Movement Coffee Mug

Donate $25.00 to Causability and receive this ART IS A MOVEMENT coffee mug. We provide creator grants to artists enabling them to collaborate on causes (community programs) with their favorite nonprofit (cause).

Donation Level: $25.00
Art Is A Movement T-shirt

Donate $50.00 to Causability and receive this ART IS A MOVEMENT t shirt from Art For Your Cause We provide artist grants enabling them to collaborate on causes (community programs) with their favorite nonprofit (cause).


Donation Level: $35.00



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Amount Raised: $10759

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