How to Use Social Media to Raise Money

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Social media is fantastic for keeping up with old friends, documenting your travels, staying up with the latest memes, and of course, seeing what your uncle had for lunch.

Still, social media can serve another useful, and perhaps more noble purpose: fund your cause!

Your cause is high on your priority list, but here at Causability, we understand that it can be tough to raise awareness about your cause, reach the audience that you want, and turn that attention into monetary support. Strategic use of social media can help!

It’s true, countless non-profits are learning how to harness the power of crowdfunding on social media to support their cause.

Let’s take a minute to answer these FAQs on how to use social media to raise money…

  • Why try to fund your cause through popular social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram?
  • How can you actually use social media to make money for your cause?
  • What can you do to start raising dollars for your non-profit via social media now?

To start off, let’s get an idea for just how far social media can take your cause.

Why Raise Money Through Social Media

Traditional fund-raising methods, like well-planned local events (auctions, food drives, etc.), well-placed donation boxes, and big checks from well-to-do community members will always have their place.

Sometimes you just can’t beat the feeling of hitting the pavement with a classic car wash or bake sale for your cause.

That being said, the modern lifestyle – including how people support causes they care about – has changed dramatically in past decades.

“Social media platforms are used by one-in-three people in the world, and more than two-thirds of all internet users,” reports Our World in Data.

For better or worse, social media has effectively worked its way into the lives of billions. Some people spend hours a day on social media, using it for entertainment, business, and yes – following and supporting the causes they care about!  

That’s why it’s an absolute must for any non-profit to harness the power of social media to fuel their cause.

Without backing up your real-world campaigns with a strong social media world presence, your cause could be missing out not only on supporters but also massive donor potential.

Taking time to raise awareness for your cause on social media can effectively spread far beyond your locale, and begin bringing in donations in other towns, states, or even countries.

“But I have a Facebook page for our cause already!” you may be arguing. “And nobody is donating yet!”

How, exactly, can you use social media to actually make money for your non-profit?

How to Raise Money on Social Media

You’re right. Making a Facebook page or Instagram account for your cause does not in its own get the donations rolling in.  

As with most goals, the key to success in using social media to fund your non-profit can be summed up in one word: strategy.

Turning a social media account can seem daunting, and it is. Still, it’s an opportunity your cause can’t afford to miss.

Here are five important parts to a good social media strategy for your cause:

  • Tell your story. You know best what makes your cause so worthy of someone’s hard-earned cash. Now you need to tell them through words and images. Show them why your non-profit deserves their support and their spare change.
  • Get a hashtag. Having a unique, likable, memorable hashtag associated with your cause can help build momentum and help your audience connect with you and each other.
  • Create compelling content. Invest a bit in curating high-quality, view-worthy content. Use imagery and text that will capture attention. Melt their heart. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Whatever emotion your cause evokes, make sure it comes across. Your audience will likely hit the ‘share’ button, and support for your non-profit will grow.  
  • Engage your audience. To get supporters and keep existing ones, you need to keep them involved. Give meaningful updates about your cause and what is being done to help it. Make it clear what your organization is doing (specifics are good) to aid the plight of your cause.
  • Express appreciation. Your audience needs to know their support is not only needed, but appreciated. A sincere ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

Beyond creating social media accounts for your non-profit, what can you do today to start raising money for your non-profit on social media?

Start Using Social Media to Fund Your Cause

Your non-profit’s social media posts desperately need a call-to-action. Once you’ve told your story, your audience needs to know what they can do to help and HOW to do it.

For your supporters to start donating to your cause, you need an easy, user-friendly way for them to donate online. You need to link them to a place they can donate. 

Still, not just any ‘donate here’ page with a Paypal link will do.

The donation page will need to look professional, trustworthy, and clearly associated with your cause, if someone is going to go through with donating on it.

Thankfully, the Causability crowdfunding platform can help you accomplish all of these donation page goals with minimal time and zero hassle. 

In just a few minutes of easy set-up, you can have a highly-customizable outlet for your supporters to donate on.

Why don’t you visit us  to get started? 

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