How Sponsorships Drive Awareness

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The idea of company sponsorship isn’t new to anyone in the non-profit world. We all know how far securing a sponsorship can go to helping your charity land on stable financial ground. While it’s true that sponsorships help increase revenue and provide many economic benefits for your non-profit, they can also help in another area: awareness. 

If you’re wondering how sponsorships and awareness are related, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know how valuable sponsors can be until they experience it themselves. To help you get an idea, here are four areas in which sponsorships help to drive awareness towards your cause.

1. Increased Visibility

The main benefit of landing a sponsorship is that they often result in increased visibility for your non-profit. While the donator receives recognition for a charitable donation on your website, their company may also disclose to the public the contribution they’ve made and the causes they support. 

Whether they choose to use social media or display it on their website, your non-profit is now seen by hundreds of people who may have previously been unfamiliar with your charity. In addition, an easily recognized charity makes raising funds in the future a lot more straightforward, as people are used to seeing your organization.

2. Event Networking

When a corporation or company becomes a sponsor of a non-profit, there are often perks involved, such as attending any fundraisers or events. While they may come alone, these sponsors often bring a plus one or other people in their industry who might also be interested in supporting your non-profit. 

It’s times like these where your event networking skills will come out to play. You’ll have the chance to meet dozens of people during your galas or fundraisers and raise more awareness for your cause.

3. Involves your Community

Should your sponsorship come from a member of your local community, this further unites your organization with the people around you. It’s not uncommon for people to be unaware of the needs of their community or even know what non-profits are in the area. 

However, once a local business voices its support, you could see an uptick in local volunteers and neighbors who feel a personal attachment to your cause. In the future, you’ll find it easier to fundraise and get the community involved due to having the backing of a local trusted business.

4. Attract Future Sponsors

For newer non-profits, cultivating a relationship with a single sponsor can seem unattainable and overwhelming at first. But after securing your first sponsorship, you’ll find it much easier to get another.

Not only will you fine-tune your process of asking, but your sponsors might do the work for you. Other companies who have good relationships with your current sponsors may be inclined to give charitable donations to your cause in the future.

Attract Sponsors to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

If you haven’t landed a sponsor for your cause yet, don’t give up or lose heart. If you continue to champion your cause passionately, others will see your passion and will want to support you. 

So start searching now, and in the meantime, you can start fundraising for your cause today!

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