How Artists Can Collaborate With Nonprofits

How Artists Can Collaborate With Nonprofits

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The best collaborations are where everyone benefits while giving back to your community. Collaborating with a nonprofit is a great way to give your art visibility and, at the same time, make the world a better place. 

Here are a few ways to successfully collaborate with nonprofits as an artist.

Why You Should Collaborate with a Nonprofit

There are many benefits to collaborating with nonprofit organizations, including the following:

1. Using your art to promote causes close to your heart

Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place? You undoubtedly have a cause that speaks to you or has touched your life directly. The great thing about supporting these causes is that there are many ways to do so. 

While some may excel in organizing events, others prefer to be on the front lines protesting or spreading awareness through networking. 

Why not use your talent as an artist to bring awareness to your cause and raise funds to support it? 

2. Building relationships with loyal, generous, and supportive clients

The people attending art events organized by nonprofits are more likely to be clients who respect your work and see its real beauty. Knowing that a portion of the sales they contribute to will go to supporting your community will ensure that they will continue to look to build their art collections through nonprofit events. 

This gives you a chance to build lasting relationships with collectors who have the same values as you and are more generous and supportive.

3. Building positive publicity for your brand and name

Few things are as important as the reputation of your name and artwork. Working with causes, especially local nonprofits, is a great way to align yourself as a supporter of the cause. 

When people buy your work, they’ll feel good knowing their purchase is giving back to the community.

How to Collaborate with Nonprofits Without Giving Away Your Art

Some artists fear that collaboration with a nonprofit could lead to giving art and valuable time away. However, when done correctly, you can benefit from working with a nonprofit by boosting your sales and gaining exposure. 

Here are some ways artists have successfully worked with nonprofits. 

  1. Approach nonprofits and offer to be a featured artist at their next event. You can demonstrate your process and even auction off the resulting item, all while featuring other pieces.
  2. Allow current collectors to purchase your work at full price before donating a portion to receive a tax write-off.
  3. Host exclusive events where collectors can meet firsthand with you and members from the nonprofit over drinks or appetizers. Use the opportunity to discuss your art and display it.
  4. Loan out a piece of art to a public space where nonprofit events are held.
  5. Offer a class where collectors or aspiring artists can learn your skills, then donate the proceeds to your charity of choice.
  6. Team up with Art for Your Cause. Sell your artwork, all while supporting your cause of choice.

Art For Your Cause: The Best Way to Give Back as an Artist

AFYC was founded to help those in need to help artists, nonprofits, and art lovers help grow their community by donating a percentage of every sale to those in need. Fill out our online application to get started!

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