How Artists Can be Beneficial to Nonprofits

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Nonprofit organizations generally focus on one thing: improving the quality of life for others. So, while achieving financial gain isn’t the goal, they need to raise funds to positively impact their cause.

A unique and effective way to raise funds is to team up with artists to take your cause to the next level.

The Ideal Partnership

Connecting with artists can be mutually beneficial for nonprofits in many ways. But to succeed, this partnership must make sense. Whether you’re the artist or the nonprofit organization, the ideal collaboration will depend on how close your mission statements align.

How can you find the right fit? You can find practically anything on the internet. Searching the web for artists or nonprofits that match your criteria is as simple as typing what you are looking for in search engines such as Google or Bing. You can also do your research and find your ideal partners within your local community.

Once you have found the perfect fit, visit their website and learn more about them. You can ask yourself:

  • What is their cause?
  • What have they accomplished?
  • What can we accomplish together?

3 Ways Nonprofits Benefit From Artists

Once you’ve matched your nonprofit with the perfect artist, you can begin to reap the benefits of this amazing relationship.

Artists Can Lend a Helping Hand

Nonprofits rely on the help of volunteers to set up fundraising events, accomplish their mission, and further their cause. Artists can join the ranks of your volunteers and offer their time and energy to your nonprofit. Besides their time, artists can also volunteer their art to promote their events, products, services, or messages.

If you’re an artist, maybe you can suggest auctioning your artwork to help raise funds for your mutual cause. Likewise, if you know other artists that support your cause, you can invite them to join your art auction.

Artists Can Offer a Percentage of Sales

Art auctions aren’t the only way artists can help nonprofit organizations. Create a more permanent ongoing relationship by offering a percentage of the proceeds from any art that’s sold. Collaborating with nonprofits will increase exposure to your valuable art leading to an increase in sales. 

In addition, by contributing to nonprofits, artists will enjoy reaching more people with their art and knowing they have a hand in furthering an important cause.

Increased Visibility For Artists And Nonprofits

The success of artists and nonprofits depends significantly on how visible they are to the public eye. As a result, both have focused on drawing attention to their cause through the internet and social media in this technology-driven era. This new partnership will provide each side the opportunity to receive free publicity on blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook.

Artists can also increase nonprofits’ visibility by featuring special guests at your next exhibition or open studio events. In addition, nonprofits will benefit from distributing information on their cause or presenting a special talk highlighting their efforts in the community. But keep in mind that artists will benefit from the free publicity that nonprofits will give your event, increasing your attendance.

Mutually Benefit Your Cause With Causability

Both artists and nonprofits can significantly benefit from collaborating on an amazing cause that has the potential to genuinely change many lives. 

Causability provides the perfect solution with crowd-funding, an effective method of reaching your fundraising goals. So give your partnership a “leg up” with our tools and support that will help you raise funds to make a difference the world deserves.

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