How Artists Benefit From Collaborating With Nonprofits

How Artists Benefit From Collaborating With Nonprofits

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According to Americans for the Arts research, over 2.5 million artists were working in America in 2020. However, ask any artist, and they’ll tell you that breaking through is tough. Becoming an established name and earning a decent living from your art takes time and doesn’t happen for everyone.

That said, collaboration with nonprofits can bring tremendous benefits to artists looking to make their mark on the local scene. And–spoiler alert–we’re not talking about giving away your time for free.

Benefit 1 - Raise Your Profile

It would be great to focus on being creative all day, but art is a business. To get ahead, you must build your reputation, which often starts at the grassroots level. Nonprofits are often skilled marketers, and you can benefit from their exposure. 

A local nonprofit will likely have strong connections with local businesses, private and public organizations, and charities with similar goals. As a result, they can provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents.

Benefit 2 - Increase Your Sales

Collaboration is a great way to raise your profile among the buying public. Getting people to visit a gallery or view a website can be tricky when you’re starting out. But nonprofits can organize events that attract hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. 

Many art lovers appreciate pieces that connect with the area they call home. Build recognition through your nonprofit collaboration, and you could find buyers beating a path to your door. Just make sure you have a website or gallery to which you can direct them, so these opportunities don’t slip through your fingers!

Benefit 3 - Build Connections

As you raise your profile, you’ll come to the attention of the media, community stakeholders, and other artists. 

If you impress community leaders with your work with the nonprofit, you may find that local businesses and other organizations start contacting you. This may open up opportunities to expose your work to an even wider audience – on a national or international level. 

Connecting with other local artists can help you find inspiration and more. In addition, they may be able to help you showcase your work to wider audiences and share tips that have helped them to thrive.

How Grants Make Collaboration Happen

When artists can access grants to collaborate with local nonprofits, the benefits start flowing in for both sides. 

Grants allow artists to pay for supplies and living expenses while collaborating with nonprofits. This takes the notion of collaboration from a non-starter to a springboard to success. Additionally, nonprofits benefit from custom art they can use on merchandise, marketing materials, and for community projects.

It’s Time to Apply for a Causability Grant

Causability believes it’s time to put an end to the concept of the starving artist. Our $5000 grants empower creators to partner with nonprofits to produce mutually beneficial projects. 

The projects we support include community collaboration and allow artists to connect with a wide range of causes. If you are not currently working with a nonprofit and have an idea that could uplift an underserved or socio-economically marginalized area, apply for a Causability grant today!

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