Everything You Need to Know About Causability’s Creator Grants

Everything You Need to Know About Causability's Creator Grants

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If you’re an artist or creator, you understand the importance of grants for boosting your visibility and helping you to connect with projects that you’re passionate about in your community. Statistics show that art grants are on the rise, with giving by US private and community foundations rising by 10% in 2019.

Causability was established in 2021 to connect artists and creators with community projects that affect real change. That’s why we offer creator grants– $5000 awards– that allow talented creators to collaborate with nonprofits on specific art projects.

The Purpose of Causability Grants

As Americans for the Arts explains: “Public art… reflects and reveals our society, adds meaning to our cities and uniqueness to our communities.” 

At Causability, we understand that many creators are keen to collaborate with local nonprofits and produce art installations, events, murals, workshops, and more that capture the zeitgeist and reflect the diversity of the local community. But sadly, from time immemorial, artists have felt pressured to contribute their talents at their own expense.

We believe this model is outdated, and our creator grants help address this issue. By providing meaningful funding, we enable creators and nonprofits to collaborate, creating unique results that benefit the local area. And at the same time, artists can make a living doing what they love.

Eligibility for Causability Creator Grants

Right now, Causability creator grants are open to all artists and creators based in the Oklahoma County, OK, and Dallas County, TX, areas. Unfortunately, right now, we are not able to accept proposals from artists outside of these localities. So please make sure that you are eligible before applying.

Eligible Creators

Causability grants are there for creators who have yet to start working with nonprofits. Our goal is to empower new artist and nonprofit collaborations, focusing on serving socio-economically marginalized and underserved areas.

Eligible Projects

We want creators to be creative and come up with ideas that break the mold. However, we require the inclusion of one or more of the following:

  • Special event
  • Workshop
  • Audience participation events

When preparing your proposal, ensure that it includes one of the following:

  • Visual arts
  • Dance
  • Theater 
  • Or Music

Although it is not a requirement, grants can also be used as a fundraising vehicle. The focus of the fundraising must be either supporting other creators or engaging and uplifting the local community. For your proposal, you can choose any focus you believe will benefit the community, from the environment to humanitarian causes. All online fundraising must use Causability.fund.

How Are Causability Grants Funded?

Causability grants are funded by our donors and sales from our ecommerce platform. Check out Art For Your Cause to see how we connect artists with customers.

Apply for a Causability Grant

If you’re a talented creator living in one of our target areas, we’re keen to hear your ideas! We are accepting new proposals through June 30, 2023. Click here to start the application process and give yourself a chance to be involved in an inspirational collaboration!

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