Creating and Managing an Effective Causability Campaign

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Who are you?  What is your cause?  What are your goals?  Why should I support you and your cause?  These are the questions you need to answer as you create, promote, and manage your campaign.

Causability started with a passion for making a difference in the world.  We realize that a cause needs funding and help to be sustainable without all of the extra fees incurred by other crowdfunding sites. So we created a platform to help raise money, efforts, and awareness using your most valuable asset…your supporters.

69% of all donations made in the United States are made by individual donors. is a peer-to-peer “cause-based” crowdfunding platform that gives you the tools and support you need to raise funds that will make a difference in your community, and the world.

The platform is designed to give you full control of your campaign.  After you create your account profile, from your account dashboard you can view recent donations, manage your billing addresses, and edit your account details.  Design and build your cause, and in addition to sharing information about your project, you can also add perks and incentives to your fundraising page, recruit volunteers, and receive convenient online payments via your Stripe account.

Attracting your Audience with an Effective Title and Project Description

The title of your project or cause is the first thing your audience will read; make it exciting, compelling, descriptive, and concise. Your readers should understand the project from the title, so be creative!

The description of your project should clearly convey to your audience that your cause is important and that you are passionate about making sure it’s accomplished effectively and successfully. Tell your story, explain the need that your cause will address, and be specific.

It’s important that you create a relationship with your donors so they know they’re part of the solution. The best way to attract the right supporters for your cause is to be genuine. There are many places for people to give their time, money, or skills, and they’re most likely to support those that they feel connected with.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The featured image for your project is one of the first things your readers will focus on so make it relevant and impactful.  Photos and videos from past events relevant to your cause could be especially effective!

As with the description, it’s best to be brief and direct with your images.  Depending on your cause, a few select photos could be more compelling than a full gallery.  If you have a photo gallery on your website that is relevant to your cause, an option could be to select a couple to include with your cause description, and then offer a link to the full gallery if your reader is interested in exploring further.

Volunteers and Other Skilled Helpers

Sometimes, helping hands are needed for your cause or project.  When requesting time from your supporters, be specific about your needs, clearly explain what’s involved, and accurately estimate the expected number of hours.

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying ways to support a cause because physical time spent develops a personal connection to the project or need.  Additionally, volunteering provides the opportunity to develop community and meet new friends.

Perks and Other Benefits

While most people will support your cause because they’re passionate about helping, perks and other benefits can often encourage your donors to give a bit more.  An additional gain of offering a take-home item is that each time your supporter looks at or uses it, they’ll think about your cause and how they were able to help.

When setting up your perks program, be clear about what your supporter can expect to receive.  For example, if you’re using a tiered program where a specific item is associated with a specific donation amount, explain that, for example, if they donate at level three, they will not receive the items for levels one and two, but only receive the item associated with level three.

Perks can be physical products or digital downloads including merchandise inventory (swag), books, music, art, and educational classes & material.  Get creative!  The possibilities are limitless!

The selection of your perks is important.  Offering unique or useful items are more effective at encouraging your supporters to increase their contribution.  Including perk items that are relevant to your cause could develop a closer relationship between your supporters and your cause.  For example, if your cause is benefiting a youth art program, items printed with their original work could be motivating for your donors.

Promoting Your Cause

Now that you’ve set up your cause or project, it’s time to tell the world!

One of the most effective ways to promote your cause is to create an event on your social media platform(s).  Facebook and LinkedIn provide tools to create events that you can then share with your friends and audience, and other platforms offer similar options.

Be sure to have your information ready.  You should use the same images, titles, and descriptions used on the platform.  This will enable your audience to visibly see the relationship between your Cause and your social event.

Creating a Facebook Social Media Event is easy, and the process is similar among the various social media platforms.

  1. Create a new event
  2. Use your Cause Name as the Event Name
  3. Use your Cause description for the Event description, and be sure to include a link to your Cause on the Causability platform
    • In Facebook, your link Causabilty Cause Campaign should be included in the description
    • In LinkedIn, you can include an external link to your Causability Cause Campaign in the field provided
  4. Upload the same image you used for your Cause Campaign
  5. Add any additional information that is relevant to your Cause, such as dates, locations, categories, or any other options presented by the platform
  6. Share your event, invite your friends, family, audience, and more!

Causability is Here to Help

Our team here at are here to help you as you design, build, launch, and promote your cause.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice.  We wish you lots of luck!

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