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Do you have a project or cause that you are passionate about?  Do you need some funding to achieve your goals and dreams? is here to help.  This unique platform enables cause-based initiatives to succeed.

The process of setting up your cause is a simple process, and with, you can easily accept and track donations to support your project.

Before you Begin

Before you begin registering your cause, there are a few things you should prepare in advance.  Gather photos, videos, and other graphics that will help your audience understand your cause.  Plan your fundraising campaign, first by focusing on the benefits or effects you want to achieve, establishing a financial target goal, writing a description of your cause and why support is needed, and draft the communications you’d like to send to your supporters.  Finally, make sure you have an active Stripe account; if not, create one since this is the platform Causability has partnered with to process your contributions.  Now you’re ready to begin!

Visit and click on Create a Cause.  If you’ve previously registered with us, simply log in.  If you’re new to working with Causability, please sign up.

Once you’ve signed in to your account, you will be directed to your dashboard. To start a new campaign, click on ‘New Cause’ from the menu in the left sidebar.  If this is your first cause, link your Stripe account to your Causability account and then click on ‘Create a Cause’.  Get ready to begin describing your cause, vision, and goals!

The Basics

Now it’s time to start with ‘the basics’!

  1. Add your campaign title and upload a cover image.  Make sure your name and image are descriptive of your campaign, as well as engaging and interesting.
  2. Select the most relevant category for your campaign.
  3. Enter the location of your project or cause.
  4. Does your campaign have a funding goal you’d like to reach?  If so, indicate that goal so your donors can cheer you on as you get closer!
  5. Do you need volunteers?  Add the Volunteer Center to your cause to allow volunteers to sign up right from your cause page.
  6. Are you going to offer perks to your supporters?  You can find additional information on perks, the benefits of including them, and how to set them up HERE.
  7. When would you like your campaign to begin?  Indicate that next, and if there is an ending date, be sure to include that as well.
  8. Is your campaign in memory of anyone or anything?  Be sure to let your donors know!

Accept the terms and conditions, and step one is complete!


If you indicated that you will offer perks to your donors, read THIS article about Perks for guidance on the set-up process.


Look and Feel

The next step in the process is to give your cause its ‘look and feel.’

  1. First, provide a headline for your campaign.  Make this short but descriptive to engage your supporters and so they’ll understand the scope of your cause.
  2. An effective way to show your audience how significant your cause is to add a photo gallery.  Make sure your images are relevant and interesting.
  3. Here is the space to elaborate on your cause, explain who you are, tell your story, explain your goals, and describe why someone should get involved with your cause.  Create an emotional buy in by describing why the cause is important to you, the community, and the world.
  4. Determine what elements should display on your cause’s page.
  5. If you have a video associated with your campaign, past the YouTube url here.

Click Next to continue on to the last step.



On this page, you will add information about your volunteer needs and you’ll complete the final steps needed to make your campaign live.

  1. Decide what your call-to-action button will say from the options available in the drop-down menu.  This is for the primary CTA for your cause so choose the most appropriate verbiage for your overall cause goal – donate, give, or support.
  2. If you are requesting the help of volunteers, this is the space to explain your needs.  Add an image that is compelling and relevant.
  3. Describe why you need volunteers and explain why people should want to help.  Why would they want to volunteer for your cause?  What will they do while volunteering and how will their efforts be helpful?
  4. Create an interesting and engaging title and subtitle for your volunteer needs.
  5. Provide additional details about what the volunteer roles will do, as well as any special needs such as being able to lift heavy items or if the work will be done outdoors.
  6. Select the appropriate CTA for your volunteers from the drop-down menu – register, sign up, or join us.

Click Submit.  Your Cause is live!  Congratulations!


Spread the Word

You have done a great job explaining your cause and why it’s important!  The next step is to spread the word about your campaign.  Click HERE to learn more about how to promote your cause on social media platforms, via email campaigns, and more.

The team is here to help.  If you have any questions during this process, please be sure to contact us HERE.  We wish you lots of success!!

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