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Welcome to!  We look forward to helping you to create and promote your cause and if needed to seek support for your project or program.

Setting up an account is easy and will just take a few minutes.  We will walk you through the steps, and we will also give you an overview of all the tools in your account dashboard.


After going to, click on the ‘sign up/login’ button on the right of the top menu bar.


Enter your email address and set a secure password for your account.


This is your account dashboard.  The left sidebar focuses on your personal profile and your causes.  The dropdown menu on the top right focuses on other organizations’ causes that you are supporting.

Left Sidebar – My Account


Now it’s time to start with ‘the basics’!

  1. Upload a clear, high-resolution profile photo for your account.
  2. Select the name you’d like displayed publicly.
  3. Add your phone number if you’d like to receive notifications of activity on your account.

Click Submit.



The Donations dashboard will display a report of the donations you’ve received to your causes.


Payment Processing


Once you connect your Stripe account, this dashboard will display an updated notification letting you know that you’re ready to receive donations.


Dropdown Menu – My Account

This dropdown menu gives you access to additional settings in your account.


The Addresses dashboard lets you set the billing and shipping addresses for your account.  These will be the default addresses used at checkout


Payment Methods

From this dashboard, you can add your payment methods.  Click Add Payment Methods to add a new credit card.


Enter your credit card information into our secure form.


My Donations

The My Donations dashboard will display your donations to the causes you have supported.



You can log out from your account from the dropdown menu when you’re done updating your profile and other account details.

You Are All Set!

The team is here to help.  If you have any questions during your registration process, please be sure to contact us HERE.  We wish you lots of success!!

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