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Perks are an effective method for encouraging your audience to support your cause, and also to encourage them to increase their donation.

A perk is considered a ‘gift’ and is not taxable, and they are a highly effective tool for maximizing your fundraising campaign.

The process of setting up your Perks in your Cause is a simple process.  If you’ve already created a cause, you can always go back and add or modify your perks.

If you are offering a tiered perk program (see example below), donors at higher levels will only receive the gift associated with that specific level; they will not receive the gifts associated with the lower level perks.  For example, with the example below, the $40 donor will only receive a tote bag.

Before you Begin

Before you begin adding perks to your cause, there are a few things you should prepare in advance.  Are you going to offer one perk?  Or several?  Do you have images of your perks?  Do you have all the needed details of your perk, such as the Creator’s/Artist’s name and the item’s dimensions?

Compose a title and description for each perk.  Your title should be descriptive, and your description should clearly let the donor understand how the perk benefits the cause.

Here is an example of three effective perk descriptions for an Equine-focused cause that is offering these donation levels to purchase hay for their horses – $20, $40, and $100.

  • $20.00 donation – 4” x 6” print of a horse painting by local artist Mary Johnson
    Proceeds from this gift goes to supply 3 bushels of hay to Nexus Equine
  • $40.00 donation – tote bag with a horse graphic by local artist John Smith
    Proceeds from this gift goes to supply 6 bushels of hay to Nexus Equine
  • $100.00 donation – 2’ statue of a galloping horse by local artist Bob Jones
    Proceeds from this gift goes to supply 15 bushels of hay to Nexus Equine

If your perk is downloadable, make sure you have your files ready and accessible.  Now you’re ready to begin adding your perks!

Adding Perks

1. When beginning your cause, if you indicated that you would like to include Perks, you will be directed to this page after you complete The Basics. Only step 1 will be visible initially.  Click ‘Add Perk’ to begin the process, and then click ‘Next’ for the next steps to load.

2. Add an image to provide your supporters with a visual to better understand the perk being offered.

3. Enter a descriptive and interesting title.

4. Then add an accurate and enticing description of your perk.

5. Are your perk quantities limited?  If so, click the checkbox and an additional field will load for you to indicate the quantity.  See step 5b below.

5. Enter the donation amount needed to earn the perk.

6. Indicate the type of perk you are offering – a physical item or a digital download.

If you’re offering a digital download, a new field will load for you to upload the file.  See step 6b below.

If you’re offering a physical item, a new field will load to indicate how the item will be delivered.  See step 6c below.

7. Indicate the donation or level of support associated with this perk.

8. If you need to temporarily discontinue your perk, you can hide it from your cause page until it becomes available again.

9. Is your perk only available for a limited time?  If so, click yes and a field will load to indicate the ending date.

10. Do you have additional perks for your campaign?  If so, click ‘add perk’ and repeat steps 1-10 for each.

11.  Once you’re done adding all your perks, click ‘next.  Your perks are ready to start motivating your donors!


Spread the Word

You are done adding perks to your campaign – these are a great way to motivate your donors! Once you complete the remaining steps for your cause, you’ll be ready to start spreading the word about your campaign.  Click HERE to learn more about how to promote your cause on social media platforms.

The team is here to help.  If you have any questions during this process, please be sure to contact us HERE.  We wish you lots of success!!

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